Customer Feedback (11 to 20)

Some comments from our customers 1 - 1011 - 2021 - 30
"Received the pilot today the 20th Feb. Many thanks it looks good."
Robin, Spain
"I am always happy to help a Home Based family business… especially one that goes to great lengths to create a quality product. Although in your case I would have to say product / art. They truly are works of art."
Alan, USA
"Thank you for a great product and service. I hope to use your pilots in some of my other models in the future. "
Ali, UK
"Arrived home yesterday to find my new “Lodger”. Thank you very much he looks fantastic. Brilliant Job"
Phil, UK
"Herman has arrived all in good condition and fits perfectly! Many thanks indeed. I shall certainly recommend you to others."
Chris, UK
"Pilot arrived today and he looks great, just hope my painting is as good as yours! "
Sean, UK
"It was like Christmas! We got your package today and the clothing looks awesome! The leather jacket is soft as butter and the pants are perfect. Yes by all means, please add the link to where ever you like! The more who read the better, and hopefully they will purchase your products and love them as much as I do."
Gerry, USA
"Just a word about Hanna - Excellent. I hope you enjoyed the process and thanks for the extra detail"
Vincent, UK
"The pilot is really perfect for my Buncker Yungmeister. Thank you"
Francois, Italy
"Very happy he looks great thanks for map. I will be buying from you from now on I can’t thank you enough."
Chris, UK