Customer Feedback (21 to 30)

Some comments from our customers 1 - 1011 - 2021 - 30
"Biggles" has arrived, looks excellent, thanks."
Harry, UK
"The Pilot looks great.
… if anybody of my colleagues will ask for manufactures for Pilots, you will the first one I will suggest. Very nice communication."
Oliver, Germany
"Received my pilot, he looks great. It was great doing business with you."
Don, USA
"Pilot looks great."
Geoff, UK
"He looks great thanks."
Ian, UK
"Pilots are super especially my lady friend."
Wallace, UK
"The daring young aviator has arrived safely. Glenn looks fantastic!"
Jay, Texas
"Your pilot and tail gunner are great and really makes the plane work."
Jeff, USA.
".......thanks for fantastic pilot everyone loves it makes the plane."
Chris UK